Wednesday 7 January 2015

Changes to Milongaliso 2015 Schedule

Our fortnightly Thursday Night Milonga at Pilands has a new schedule.
have made some changes to our schedule for 2015 at Pilands.

Starting from 2015, Milongaliso will now be held at two localions - Pilands
(Southampton) and St. Stephens (Bournemouth) once a month at each venue.

Milongaliso at Plands will now be held once a month, on the 2nd Thursday
of the month, starting from February 12th

See the schedule below.
 Feb 12th
Mar 12
Apr 9th
may 14
Jun 11
July 09
Aug 13th
Sept 10th
Oct 8th
Nov 12th
Dec 10th

Day: Thursday
Schedule: 2nd Thursday
Frequency: Monthly
Location/Venue: Pilands Wood Community Centre, 1 Chamberlayne Rd, Southampton SO31 8DT
Entry: £8
Time: 7:30 - 11:00PM
Hospitality: Complimentary Buffet, Drinks (Wine/ cold / hot drinks etc.)

Milonga at Pilands is the longest non-profit community milonga in the
area and I have committed my support to maintaining a tango social 
evening at the venue and I feel strongly you will reach out once a 
month so that we can have a presence in the area.

Thank you for your past support and hope you will continue to do so in 2015.

Good wishes for the New Year.

T: 07883 540 995

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