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Bournemouth & Poole Argentine Tango Society: Tango - A Film by Carlos Saura

Bournemouth & Poole Argentine Tango Society
In Association with Purbec Film Festival
Tango! - A Film by Carlos Saura
Purbeck Film Festival (14 - 29 October 2011)
Bournemouth & Poole Argentine Tango Society (Traditional Salon Tango Every Sunday

Tango - A Film by Carlos Saura
Saturday, October 22nd!

Proudly presents:

Mario Suarez is a forty-something tango artist, whose wife Laura has
left him. He leaves his apartment and starts preparing a film about tango.

Set in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the film tells the story of director, Mario
Suarez's quest to make the ultimate tango film.

Things become complicated when mario falls in love with Elena, the girlfriend
of the powerful and dangerous Angelo, and he then plans a scene that recreates
Argentine's dark years of political suppression

Directed by Carlos Saura.
Cinematography by Vittorio Storaro
Musical Score by Lalo Shifrin
Starring Miguel Ángel Solá, Cecilia Narova, Mía Maestro.

Tango Trailer:
Watch Trailer:

A Sinuous Delight - Janet Maslin, The New York Times
Exquisite! - David Sterritt, Christian Science Monitor.
In a word, FABULOUS - Daphne Davis, Movies & Stars

Date: Saturday 22nd October
Time: 8:30-9:45pm
Venue: Poole Lighthouse Theatre BoxOffice
Direction: Googlemap
Ticket: £7:50, OAP £6:50, Student £4:50
Concession available for Block booking from Milonga Liso (Pilands)
BournemouthTango (Bournemouth)

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