Saturday, 7 July 2012

Milonga Liso This Thursday July 12th - In Memory of Mike Beardsmore

I was very sad to hear about Mike
Beardsmore passing away, it was only
a fortnight ago that we said goodbye.
I reminded him not to forget his
dancing shoes for the next milonga
and promised to bring his favourite
Italian Gateau cake to Pilands this

Mike was a wonderful chap, he was one
of our unflinching supporters and a
good friend of Milonga Liso at Pilands,
which is his local milonga.

He always took care to dance with as many ladies as he could and to make
new people welcome. Mike didn't need any prompting, he loved dancing and
made a lot of ladies very happy.

I will miss the old fellow, our fortnightly chat and the banter.

This week's Milonga will be dedicated entirely to the memory of Mike
Beardsmore and we will be playing tandas from all his Favourite's
Orchestra of the Golden Age.

Mike hate missing a milonga, I am sure that he will be there in spirit,
knowing this will be in his honour. Join us if you can to celebrate the
life of this remarkable man.

 He will be sadly missed, a gentleman of the old school, a passionate lover
of  Traditional Tango and a true Milonguero. We will all miss him dearly.

Phone: 07883 540 995

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